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2019 Edge SE Camera OK but no Backup Beep AND multiple issues

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1. Backup camera on SE model works but no beeping sound when there are objects right behind the car.  Please help.  

Edited by SamFisher
Edited. Apolgies for my long winded first post. Newbie Error. I will do a better job here at this great community. Thank you so much for your response sir.

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1. Are you sure you have rear parking sensors? They are not standard on the SE. The cross traffic sensors are not the same units, those are standard on all 2019 Edge models.

2. Maybe there is no update! I don't recall there being a lot of support or updates for the base infotainment system (with the smaller 4" screen).

3. If it is working, good. Why complain. Want to turn it off, please do so.


Finally, if someone on the forum can really answer you question, they would. No need to go private messaging people to answer your "long" first post which was posted twice!!

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