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All Front Lighting Done!

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For the 16's one month anniversary (under my stewardship) the front lighting re-do....is done.


I dumped the Halogen headlight bulb in favor of an HID kit (6000k) left over from a previous project.  A Diode Dynamics HD Relay Kit was used to be sure both HIDs power up (they're powered directly from the battery now) and never flicker.  An easy install. 

The high beam Halogen has been replaced by an LED from Oxylam.  This is actually designed to be a 6000k fog bulb which is fine because the high beam is now.....wait for it......my DRL.  Thanks to a little trick with FORScan you can set the front facing bulb you want to be your DRL and HIDs are not suitable (they'd stay on 'all' the time at full brightness). 


So, end result: A 6000k HID now lives in each headlight, a very bright LED (also 6000k) is in the high beam socket (so operates during the day when the headlight is off as a DRL) and in the turn signal sockets are Switchback LEDs (detailed in an earlier post) which show 6000k bright right beside the DRLs during the day, amber when turning or at night (headlights on). 


Downside?  One.  The LED isn't as bright as the original 9005 Halogen when used as a high beam but I'm a city/freeway driver and haven't needed a 'real' high beam in many years so this will work out fine.  It might be an issue if you're a rural driver in need of every high beam lumen to spot suicidal wildlife.


The 'Night' look with amber switchbacks and HIDs on.  night.jpg.b699ed65fbba2b7a983e9cc71b0c5548.jpg

The 'Day' Look with Switchback turn signals showing white and DRL (former high beam) on


Comin' at cha ;)



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