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Transmission loses track of its gear

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I have a 2015 Edge SE with the 3.5L engine, 56k miles. I have an intermittent problem where while driving at operating temperature, the following happens:


1. Transmission slips out of gear.  It tries to get back into gear, resulting in lurching.  Engine continues to run.

2. The gear indicator in the instrument cluster does not display the gear the shifter is in (see attached pic, note the tach shows the car is running, just no gear indicated.)

3. The rear camera activates.


The only solution is to stop the car, put it into park (still without a gear indicator displaying on the instrument cluster), stop the engine and start over.  Until recently this has resolved the problem.  Most recently, the problem immediately recurred.  On the 8th try, it cleared up.


No codes captured, no error messages displayed.  Have never seen the "Shift-to-park" error since we've owned the car.


Been to the dealer twice, but of course they are unable to reproduce.  They did confirm that there were no codes of any kind captured.


Any suggestions on things to look at?  


Thanks for the help!


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It finally happened while I was driving.  I first noticed the rear camera was on while at highway speeds.  Then I noticed the gear indicator.  The transmission made no attempt to go back into gear-- it just coasted about 3-4 seconds.  Then the camera turned off and it went back into gear as if nothing happened.

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