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Windshield Glare On 2008 Edge

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Any recommendations to help with the glare reflecting on the windshield? My dash is black & the reflection hinders my driving view.

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Living here in the "Valley of the Sun" I feel your pain in the optic nerve.


Polarized sunglasses go a long way toward reducing glare but can also make phones and other displays harder to read.  A dash cover (fancy carpet) 'might' help.  Or you could try something like 303 Aerospace Protectant.  You spray it on like Armorall and many of the other UV protectors BUT it isn't shiny like so many of those others.  Applied per the directions, 303 Aerospace puts down a matte finish that's a lot less reflective than the shiny stuff. 

Another upside, you can use it on all of your plastic/rubber parts including door/hatch gaskets and everything under the hood.  It's not the least expensive stuff by a long shot but it works really well and it 'should' reduce (but not eliminate) that reflection.



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I'll second the polarized sunglasses suggestion from @Gadgetq. My other car has a heads-up display and I need to crank the brightness but it still works with the glasses on. And reflections off the dash are gone.

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