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Before You Shop Elsewhere......

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A heads up to those who'd never ever (well hardly ever) purchase parts or services from their Ford dealership, they might actually have the best pricing around.

A few weeks ago I purchased a gallon of Motorcraft Orange coolant/antifreeze concentrate on Amazon for about $28. I'd checked pricing at local auto stores and found the best price online.  Like so many (especially those of my vintage) I figured the highest price would be at the dealership and didn't even ask them.  Today I was there anyway so ventured over to the parts counter to ask..."what's your price for a gallon of Motorcraft Orange Coolant Concentrate with the friends and family discount?"  He looked at his computer and announced...."$17.88".  "What?" said I"  "too much?" said he.  "I'll take a gallon" I announced before he could realize his error.  But yes, really, the dealer price for the 'real' Motorcraft product is about the same price as DexCool and some of the other orange impersonators on store shelves so why not go with Ford's stuff!

Bottom line (and my point) before dismissing your dealership check their pricing on items.  You might be surprised.


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The dealer does have some good prices on some parts, I always check the online dealers as well.  Sometimes their tire prices are hard to beat, I imagine it also depends on the dealer.  I checked with my dealer on the cargo cover and the parts guy stated there was no discount as there just was not much of a mark up.  I showed him a printout of a Ford dealer internet price with free shipping, he checked wit the parts manager and sold me the cover at the same price.

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