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Removed Sirius/XM From Main Audio Display

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My 3 month free trial of Sirius audio has run out.  I won't be signing up so cut some clutter on the main audio screen by removing it using FORScan:


APIM  7D0-01-01   *xxx  xxxx  xxxx
Decrement existing value where the asterisk is by 2;  if you have an "A" make it "8", if you have "2" make it "0"


Curiously, while this removes the service from the main screen, Sirius is still showing on the small right side audio screen.

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HI. I know this thread is two years old, but did you ever find the IPC as-built code to remove Sirius from the cluster entertainment screen?

Asking for a friend.

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Any chance you were able to remove it from the Guage cluster too?

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 I don't remember where I found this table but was probably on a Fusion forum (http://2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4573) or GoogleDoc. I have removed Sirius from the right cluster. I don't remember and haven't used Forscan in a long time (so my key is gone).


In my notes, I have 






but see from these notes that the XX3X controls Climate. I sort of remember trying lots of codes and must not have stored the actual change.


Dual Screen Cluster - Right Screen Modifications:







720-05-01 (2013+ MY)

XXXX xxxx xxxx

Note: Ignore bits marked with "x"





D8B8 (Default w/Navigation)






D8A8 (Default w/o Navigation)






1xxx (Removes AM/FM and CD from Entertainment Source List)






9xxx (Removes CD from Entertainment Source List)






xxx0 (Removes Phone Menu and Corresponding Alerts from Right Cluster Screen)

Note: Phone/Text Alerts still come up on 8" Sync2/3 Screen





xx3x (Removes Climate Control Menu from Right Cluster Screen) w/Nav





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