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Engine wants to stall...?

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2.7 ECO.  27k on the clock (9k on new engine).  Always run top tier, 93 octane, fuel.  Oil changes with SYN every 5k, at least.  Lately, while in neutral, the engine will drop to about 350 RPMP, stumble, catch itself and then return to an idle around 650-750 RPM's.  It's repeatable, almost on a cycle of about every 10-12 seconds.  I do not notice, while stopped, in D, S, or R. 

I'm due for an oil change, so I'll have the dealer look at it.  Any thoughts, though?



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So it does not do it in N?  Could be purge valve, torque converter, flywheel, ...


Do you feel a vibration of any sort, any unusual noise?  Is the A/C cycling on and off?  If the compressor is drawing too much power, that can happen.


I am assuming no codes set in the PCM?

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Thanks for the reply.  I did consider the AC - happens whether it’s on or off.  Happens in neutral, too.  I do feel a vibration - it’s that feeling you feel in a manual shift car when it’s about to stall as you are in first taking off.  Sort of gags and shakes the car.  But, only for half a second. Catches itself and then returns to normal idle.  Then repeats 10-12 seconds later.  


I thought it may may be a sensor, too, given how repeatable it is....

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