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Mystery Power Drain? It Might Be Your Power Points

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My '16 Edge has been plagued by a mystery power drain.  After not being driven for a couple of days I kept getting the infamous 'shutting down to protect battery' message.  I recently had a 'DOH'!  :doh: moment as it occurred to me maybe the iPod plugged into one USB port and a phone charger into another plus usb adapters in all the 12V accessory ports were sucking the life out of the battery even when they weren't being used.  That issue is now solved with a simple tweak using FORScan.  I've set the time out to two minutes (I've no idea what the factory setting was but it was well over an hour and might have been the full 18 hours allowed) you might be happy with one minute or one second or hours.

If you want to try this I used the F150 spreadsheet for the setting and it worked fine for my Gen2.


Change Power Point Time Out (H/M/S)


726-39-01 **** xxxx xxxx Power Point MaxTime Cfg (seconds converted to hex)


Use this spreadsheet link. Adjust the timeout you want, note hex in first column, change BCM accordingly.





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