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PTU Fluid Change

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I had the PTU fluid changed on my 2016 Sport, with 28,000 miles.  Firestone charged me $90, including the fluid.  I sent it out to Blackstone to have it looked over.  The tech told me there was some sludge on the drain plug, but no shavings.  Said it ran fluid, but was thick.  Said changing it was the right move.  Replaced with the OEM fluid.  Interested to see what Blackstone has to say about it's condition...



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interesting observation; i did my oil, ATF and PTU fluids about a month ago at ~45k miles.

I fully expected the PTU fluid to be black and sludgy like it was on my 2011 Fusion Sport AWD at 59,000, but it came out Very Clean.

unbelievably so. 

My guess is that the clutching system that engages the power transfer to the rear diff on demand only, also significantly reduces the load on the PTU (and thus the fluid) except when it is online.

This is encouraging since they got a very bad rep in my book by calling the PTU on the Fusion a "lifetime fill" yet the fluid that came out when i did mine was more sludge than fluid..

That and the internal water pump that required dropping the drivetrain out to replace.. but that's another story for another time


anyway, thought this might be interesting to others, it was to me

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I am curious!   I had the dealership replace all drivetrain fluids at 36000 miles when I had it in for warranty work.  Now I'm almost at 76000 and going to change them at my buddys shop myself...except the trans fluid I will let him do that since I have no clue how to operate that machine.   This time I'm planning on running redline oils in the PTU & RDU.  The trans will stay motocraft.  You have me curious about how my oil analysis will turn out.  

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