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2015 Edge No Key Detected & Intelligent Access not working

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2015 Ford Edge SEL with push button start.  18,500 miles.

"No key detected" for BOTH keys.  Batteries replaced...still does it.  Battery under the hood un-hooked for 15 minutes....still does it.  Updated My-Sync....still does it.  Both fobs can lock, unlock, open tailgate and panic...fully functional except starting without being in the "slot".


I am not concerned like most here are about starting the car..the car starts...I want the "No key detected" to go away.  What can be done besides spending $125.00 at my local Ford dealership for a diagnostic test?  What have I not tried?


As of Nov 26th 2019.  I also found out that the Passive Entry on my door handles are also not working.....so no key detected AND cannot lock or unlock the car with the door handles.


Are my Antenna modules bad or are my key fobs bad?


Took the car to the dealership...no codes.  Still puzzled!


Thank you!

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Guest Resolved?

Was this ever resolved? I have the same issue on my 2012.

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