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Clyde Epperson

2008 Edge No heat drivers side

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Manual climate control,  Drivers side has no heat and little air volume compared to passengers side that is blowing hot air with lots of volume. Putting recirculating button on helps with the cold air making it slightly warm. I’ve had other fords with blend door issues so is this possibly the same problem. Is it a diy job?



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Have you checked the coolant level with engine off/cold?  Should be at top of COLD FILL RANGE.  When was the last time you flushed the coolant?  If the GOLD coolant is in there, it needs to be evicted pronto.  Hopefully the heater core is not clogged.


I doubt it is the cabin filter (or screen) but worth a check.  Sometimes debris from leaves or pests will block ducting also (fingers crossed not the case).


The blend door would affect the temperature on both sides, the blower/filter/ducts affect air volume.

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