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2016 Edge Titanium AWD

What a Difference New Snow Tires Made

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Well, I had the new snow tire assemblies installed and an oil change done at our trusted garage here in town on Tuesday. Cost $20 less than the dealer's 'the works' oil change / tire swap and still included blended synthetic oil recommended for Fords, and a quality WIX oil filter.


Saw the underside of the vehicle for the first time too. Very busy under there, and having it Krown Rustproofed a week and a half ago, everything that can be covered is!


The big difference with the new Continental Winter Contact SI's is that the tires are really quiet, quieter than the street / summer Hankooks from the factory. Of course, the factory tires have 58,000 Kms on them and still have good tread left, but they are noisy. Now the Edge sounds like a limousine going down the highway.


The stock wheels are 19" with 245/55R19 tires. The new snow tires are 18" with 245/60R18 tires. I went with an 18" steel rim one size smaller to increase the sidewall height in an effort to avoid road damage from the inevitable potholes that will surface and re-surface over the winter and early spring.


Really happy with this tire choice. Will see how fuel economy changes.

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