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2008 Ford Edge AWD Power Seat and Mirrors Fuse Blowing

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Hi All,

Firstly, thanks for all your diligent work on this forum, it's incredible.  I recently replaced my: inner & outer tie rods, sway bar link, and both rear wheel bearing hubs on my 2008 Ford Edge AWD Limited, mostly thanks to forums and Youtube.  Thanks!


Now I'm stuck on trying to figure out why my fuse for the power seat and exterior power mirrors keeps blowing out.  I've changed it like 3 times.  They work for a few days, then blow out without me touching anything.  One day they just stop working.


 I've removed the panel covering the wires looking for a short on the way to the seat, looked under the seat, and pulled up the switch for the mirrors and can't find a short anywhere. The fuse is " #12, 7.5 Exterior rear view mirror switch, Driver Seat Module (DSM), Left power seat switch " in the smart junction box.


If anyone can help solve this mystery I will be forever grateful.  My wife can't drive my Edge without me replacing the fuse so she can move the seat forward.




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Check the manual to be sure you are using the correct amperage fuse,  sounds like you are drawing too many amps for the fuse. 


 If that is not the issue then you may have a bad electric motor in the seat that is drawing more amps than it is meant to. 


Good luck. 

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@thegeoguy: I double checked the manual, it is indeed 7.5 amps, and I've tried putting larger amp fuses in to see if they'd work but they blow too. 


Thanks for the tip about the electric motor; if it IS the motor, wouldn't it blow out when I'm moving the seat? Because it doesn't blow when I move the seat. 

It doesn't blow when I move the mirrors either. I don't know WHEN it blows, I only know that after a few days it's blown.


I'm wondering if it's the driver seat module that is faulty, which just causes it to blow out randomly.

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The connector at the DSM is known to melt/short on other model lines, so that could indeed be the issue, rather than the DSM itself.

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