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Power steering issue

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Car has been leaking a bit of PS fluid from return hose. Metal line is rusted by hanger and has a slow leak. Was going to replace it tomorrow.🙄 Went shopping today and checked the oil before I started the engine and topped it off. Came out of store and drove off and heard the typical squeal sound before leaving parking lot. Looked at oil and was low. Topped it off again and drove off. 2 miles down the road on the highway I noticed steering wheel was hard. Pulled off on my exit and got home(3 blocks from highway), checked fluid and no fluid. What threw me off is that there were no noises. I had hard steering, burnt smell and no fluid in reservoir. 


Found it weird that having no fluid that it would not have made the typical power steering noises. Now I am wondering if the rack or pump was damaged or failed if the line broke and lost all fluid. Or could it be that the line broke, lost all fluid and nothing else was damaged? Just doesn't make sense to me that it would not make noises, like in the parking lot, and just barely driven 2.5 miles and have damaged the pump or rack.





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Do the simple stuff first.  Replace the broken line and fill it with fluid.  

If you still have a problem then go looking for it.

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