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Wheel out of place, inner CV joint on floor

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Hello all


Wife sent me a pic of the edge and the inner cv joint on passenger side is on the floor. States wheel is out of place. Happened after hitting pot hole. Can't see car until tomorrow. Upper control arms broken? Lower ball joint? Can't see from pics what could have broken but it's the only two things I can think off that would allow an axle to be ripped from the trans, if wheel is allowed to move from either of the control arms breaking.


Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone before?



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Ended up being lower ball joint, popped out of the control arm. Couldn't repair it myself so new control arm and axle $550. Bit on the expensive side. Ford should use a system like other makers, like VW, were you can replace the ball joint without needing to purchase a new control arm.

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