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Battery cable to fuse box

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Hey everyone, I need a little info here.


I am not with this Edge and I am trying to get everything together so after work I will  be heading to it to fix it but need info to get stuff ready.  It is a 2007 edge and the battery cable that goes from the positive battery terminal to the fuse block by the driver side shock tower is the issue.  This cable was hacked before the current owner bought the car and needed replaced. well now it has broke in half so I need to replace it. 


What I need to know is the length of this cable, gauge of this cable, what connector is used to connect it to the fuse block (its an eye connector on battery cable side), and the nut size to connect it to the battery positive terminal (the threaded stud is there but no bolt.


I did a quick search on the internet but cannot find the answers. Only thing I can find is the complete cabling setup BUT... oddly enough it doesnt include this particular cable. 


Any help, info, pictures, whatever is greatly appreciated. Currently this Edge is in the middle of nowhere between the road and a empty farmers field!!  With the provided info I can make a cable and take with me to change. 



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