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Diagnostic/Technician Help Needed

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2010 Edge LIMITED, 120K+/-,  owned for <30days. Have driven about 1k miles since purchase. 

Check Engine light has come on, showed 4 Codes: P0451  U0253   B2290   B1318

2 nights ago I drove <20miles during HEAVY rain, Edge was NOT driven through high water, but there were 3-4 places where water splashed/sprayed up while crossing. (Never heard that ominous of water beating undercarriage!) Parked having no issues.

*May be unrelated: Opened remote start fob to change battery, seen the 1pc metal contact was loose on 1 side, put metal back into place, reassembled. (Brand unknown)

Yesterday morning was cold maybe 20 degrees

Used "repaired" fob to remote start.

Rear Brake Aid On/Off & Driver Door Adjar were both lit up. Brake notification went out after taking off, Door note stayed on and int. lights were all on. (Opened/closed all doors 2x). After 4hrs Door notification was gone.

This morning CEL was lit. Had codes read

*see above*. Have been searching for info related to codes, possible trouble shooting ideas, how to determine which part is throwing which code, HOW TO FIX?

Please let me know what will repair all this.




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