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Soon-to-be new owner...

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Hi all,


I'm flying from San Jose to Boise this coming Saturday 2/22 (flight booked, hotel reserved) to pick up a "new" 2019 ST. Technically this is for my wife, as the reasoning is to replace her existing Outback LL Bean H-6. Being a Ford performance guy pretty much to the core (long time NorCal Shelby Club member), the ST made sense for my wife and I. We both drove and enjoyed the 2020 2.0L EcoBoost Escape and were seriously shopping, but realized halfway through the process that it really won't fit all our stuff; it's too small. She sat in the Explorer and right away said it was too big (I agreed). Doing more research I decided the Edge was about the right size, and the 2.7L EcoBoost looked very attractive to me.

I found one that had exactly the equipment I was looking for (Blue, 401A, Brakes, Cold Pkg, Block Htr) and was being sold as used-CPO although it has only 463 miles on it. It was used for a short-time as a loaner after the dealership bought it. This is very common because of the financial benefits to the dealership. Priced at only $2,700 more than the Escape Platinum and the CPO warranty actually being better, I couldn't pass it up! So yesterday I put down a deposit! Sunday I get to drive it ~650 miles home. I am very stoked and totally looking forward to this! Wish me luck! 


CobraRGuy (Perry)

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You had better check the weather for the drive home.  If it has the brake package it has the summer tires that are suppose to be worthless in cold weather not to mention snow and ice.  I have no idea what the weather is like in Boise.   Hope you have good weather. Good Luck and enjoy!


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I have relatives who live there. They said bring warm clothes, 40 degrees outside. I have a '12 TL AWD sedan and I run Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on it which are also not recommended for snow or ice. On Christmas eve of last year I drove it up to Bear Valley ski resort with 4" of ice on the roads and -17 degrees outside. Yes, those tires are certainly slippery in those conditions and I did have to drive very cautiously, but they did fine. I appreciate the concern and I will drive carefully...

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