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Anti-lock brakes are prematurely/randomly coming on

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Hi all. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but i have a problem with my 14 Edge Limited and was curious if anyone has heard of this or could offer advice for a solution. While coming to a stop the anti-lock brakes are prematurely/randomly coming on (seems to be the front wheels). It doesn't happen every time but does happen 6/10 time when coming to a stop. Its happening on dry pavement. I just recently got new tires and an alignment at my local tire shop. It started all this a about week after I got all this done. Can the ABS sensors go bad at each wheel? Could it be a damaged or dirty sensor? Are they replaceable?


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Are you getting any codes?

Could be as simple as the sensor has moved or has rust/corrosion between it and the tone ring. Look at them from the back side of the brake plate where the axle goes through the hub.  I had a similar with my old explorer where the ring was dirty/crusty and I cleaned it and wiped off the sensor. All was good.  There is another post on this forum that talks about a "cracked tone ring" that slips making the abs system think the wheel is sliding instead of rolling. The tone ring should be solidly on the half shaft. Try tapping it lightly with the back end of a screwdriver to see if it's loose. If it is, check out the solution found under Tone Ring Repair on this forum.

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