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Using "Unread" view & going to first unread posts.

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Since the forums new format, I have found this setting that I find very useful, thought I'd share it just in case someone was not aware of it. Pressing the "Unread" button on the top right takes to a view of all threads with new "unread" posts (obviously), but you can change a setting where clicking on any thread would take you immediately to the first unread post in that thread. Also, you can save this setting as default so it is always your default when viewing "unread" posts. The setting is under "Read Status" and to save it you need to click the button on the top left (green here since it is already set as default).




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Great post Omar!  One addition, depending on your screen setting you may or may not see that 'Unread Content' text at the top right.  If you're zoomed in that text disappears and is replaced by a box icon (see pic below) that does the same thing.  It can get a little confusing if you're zoomed in at, say, 150% to make text larger.


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