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2019 Edge ST- water puddling under car.

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Ever since I’ve taken delivery of this car I’ve noticed a lot of quirks, but am referring the one that applies to this topic. 

So after driving in rain or heading back home from the car wash (a half mile away) and parking in the garage for 30 minutes or more I notice a big puddle of water under the car. Its almost like this whale stores water in the protective underbody. This happens anytime of year cold or warm, with or without the ac on. I asked the dealer when I brought it in for service and they looked at me like I have 2 heads.  Typically this isn’t a big deal but my garage floor is epoxy coated so the concrete doesn’t absorb water as it used to. 

Has anyone had or heard of this issue? I wouldn’t think it and ST only issue. 

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I have this too, I have always assumed it is due to the fabric like wheels well covers.

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