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2008 Lincoln MKX AWD Issues (Transmission and Hub?)

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Hello All,


I just got a 2008 Lincoln MKX AWD from a dealer last month (At 200k KMs I expect it to have some minor issues) and then I noticed some things, which I surely need help with.


  1. When I lift the tailgate, the gives a loud thud noise whenever it gets to the top.
  2. When reversing, I have noticed like five times now that the car goes into neutral and It won't move at all... I will have to put it into Drive, move forward a bit and put it back in reverse before it works... This morning, it happed twice before leaving the garage. 
  3. Whenever I make a turn to either side (at a junction or stop sign), I would hear a cranking noise (which increases as i try to force increase speed - probably from the tires) and to reduce the noise, I had to release the pedal and at times, I would have to park for like 3 seconds before continuing. I am wondering if it is the hub that is causing this or something else.


Any input would be highly appreciated.



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