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My 2010 SEL doesn't ride as well as it used to. Maybe because the steering and suspension parts are all original with 173K miles on them. However it does ride straight, no uneven tire wear, no strange noises, doesn't not sag on one side but the rear seems to sit lower these days. Pushing down on the body above each tire seems to be pretty stiff and it bounces back up


HOWEVER......It does sway alot when turning and is real rough and loud over bumps "BANG". I also tow small trailers with it.


I am researching what I should replace getting the ride back to a comfortable experience. I am planning on turning it over to my son when he gets his license and want it in the best mechanical condition. 


After a visual inspection, my thoughts are to replace:

-Rear shocks, springs, sway bar links and bushings

-Front strut/springs, sway bar links an bushings, upper/lower control arm


I've priced all the parts on Rock Auto and realize the total investment



I am looking for any advice on:

-The best parts

-What can to test to make sure I wont need to replace something, say like the springs

-what to replace first in what order- rear or front first or all at once?

-when to get an alignment



Any advice is would be awesome!!




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