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Edge ST questions - coolers and other stuff

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I'm considering a 2020 or 2021 Edge ST once Ford's factories fire up later this year. Was curious if there are any common issues or known issues with the latest Edge ST's. I'm still reading about oil pan leaks on the 2.7 with 2019 Fusion Sports, but I heard rumors Ford revised the pan design on 2020-up 2.7s to solve the leak issues. Are there any leaks with the 2.7, 8-speed, or the PTU/RDUs?


Does the Edge sport/ST have a PTU cooler? You can tell if there are 2 cooling hoses going towards the bottom of the PTU (by the drain plug area). Someone told me their Edge Sport did not have one. Ford apparently installed these on the MKZ/Fusion with 2.7/3.0


Does the Edge ST have an aux trans cooler that is oil-to-air (like a radiator behind the grille)? I know there is an oil-to-water exchanger on top of the trans that is used to help warm up the ATF and to regulate the ATF temperature using coolant. That's why the ATF temperatures are never much cooler than your engine coolant temperatures. My Fusion Sport has a trans cooler under the left fog light as well as the cooling block on top of the trans.


I'm pretty sure the Edge ST doesn't have an engine oil cooler (would sit next to the oil filter cap) as I've only seen them on the truck 2.7 engines, but I thought I'd ask anyhow.


How are the LED headlights?

IIHS testing shows they should be fairly good. my Fusion Sport has all-LED headlights/foglights but I find they don't project far enough so I can't see potholes in wet weather at night until the last possible moment... then the 235/40R19 thin tires tend to pop in potholes. My 2018 Explorer LED lowbeams are very good, I can see the road just fine even in the dark with rain/slush but the thick 245/60R18 tires go through potholes like they aren't there.

I watched the Savage Geese reviews primarily for the underbody shots, and am impressed Ford used all aluminum control arms with aluminum knuckles for the Edge Sport/ST and Fusion Sport. They didn't do this on the Explorer ST. I need something that can handle Michigan road salt in the winter.

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