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Hello Everyone,


I am new. Thank you for this forum!


We have a 2016 Edge SEL, V6. I have three questions:

1- Is it normal to have to change the rear brake pads and rotors very soon (the car is at 53100 km (33000 miles)? I am in the East of Canada (Ottawa-Gatineau Area). The front pads are ok (around half left).

2- What about the maintenance mode for the Edge before doing the work (how to set it up and return to normal after the work) and for the rear caliper do I need to turn it or to push it back. Someone put a video on Youtube saying you have to turn it but it will stuck at a certain point and you have to push it back from there. I found this strange  and he did not talk about the maintenance mode. Could it be the reason it was stuck at some point?

3- Does anyone have information about this website selling repair manuals: https://manualsforyou.com/shop/ford-edge-2016-2018-factory-workshop-service-repair-manual/

They advertised the 2016 Edge facory manual at $22 US (PDF to download) or $25 US (CD will be mailing). 


Finally,  I plan to buy pads OEM pads and rotors, they will give me lifetime warranty on the pads and 2 years on the rotors (I could buy Power Stop or something else online but shipping to Canada is too expensive). Do you have any suggestions?


Thank you!


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I've seen comments on assorted Edge forums/groups complaining of rear pad wear.  It's really unusual as most vehicles wear out their front pads first.  That said, if your rears are gone then obviously, replace them.  Get a good ceramic pad that'll last longer and create less brake dust at the same time.
There 'is' a maintenance mode.  It's designed to prevent the electric parking brake from trying to bite your fingers off if it's accidentally switched on.  I've attached the .pdf file for that below. 

You can download the entire factory service manual (it's for 2015 but still works for your '16) from MacT Garage.  Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14kY1rxxaB1iHKN0fDjNOo3FtgTF_5dF-   Hopefully you'll find your other questions (turning the brake piston) in there.

And last, (but hopefully not least) take a look at my Edge helpful hints and tips page.  If nothing else you'll learn a lot about your car: https://www.gadgetjq.net/edge



Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Service Mode Activation and Deactivation.pdf

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Thank you so much Gadgetjq,


Yes, it is unusual. When I looked at the front pads and saw around half left, I said great, the rear should be in better shape, but finally not.

I will go over the PDF and the page for your hints and tips. Surely, I will learn from them. I'll try to download the manual. 




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i just had a quick look in the PDF about Electronic parking Brake before maintenance and I found the answer for my question about the caliper piston. Here is the it:


"NOTE: When replacing rear brake pads in service (maintenance) mode, the brake caliper piston must be compressed into the caliper housing. The brake caliper piston does not have to be rotated while compressing the piston."


Many thanks again!



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I asked a question about brake bias some time back. 

The answer to the best of my recollection is that with rear brakes engaging first minimizes nose dive.

On  my 2009 Edge that had 150K  (traded) had minimum nose dive.  I replaced brake pads only once.

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