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Hitch cargo recommendations

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Looking to add a hitch and either 1) cargo box or 2) cargo basket + cargo (like vinyl) container


Given that the rear cargo space (with seats upright) is about 37 cf, I don't think it's worth it unless I can add about 20 cf.

(maybe I would do it if it's at least 15 cf).


U-Haul would want about $450 installed, and option 2 above runs about $200.  Option 1 runs anywhere from $500 on up.


Unfortunately cannot do anything on top because of the Vista sunroof and there's no rails at all.


Looking for any suggestions and perhaps some pictures.


I do know that some Edge owners have used Yakima clips of some sort to accomplish this.


OK full disclosure time:  I USED to own an Edge and I had this exact same issue.  Never did anything about it because it never really came to a head.

Now I own an MKX and everything is the same:  Vista and no rails.  The Lincoln MKX forum just doesn't have the number of members that this forum does.


Will be taking my son off to college in August and that 37 cf just doesn't seem like enough volume.


Could rent a car (like say a Tahoe or something) but that runs about the same as the total cost of the hitch/cargo, so why throw the money away when I can keep the goods?







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You can install a roof rack with the vista roof, I have one for my 2016 edge to carry a roof top box.  Check the fit guide on yakima.com or thule.com they will tell you what components are needed for an MKX - if it fits and cost.  It's going to be more than a hitch install.  You could get the hitch and rent a small trailer to tow.  

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mr_jason: thank you so much for that.  I was under the impression that yakima.com or thule.com would say "too bad, so sad" when I entered my vehicle and info (like vista roof, etc.)

Turns out that Yakima.com does have a solution for me.  A bit pricey, but it's there if I need it.  Wife won't accept a trailer.


So now I need to choose between a hitch/cargo getup or the yakima BaseLine System + cargo box on top.





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Decided to go with the hitch/basket/vinyl solution.

Something like the two attached pictures.

Looking for any recommendations on basket/vinyl carrier combo.


Does a 20 cubic foot container look too big/obtuse on an Edge/MKX/Nautilus, etc?


Guess I can always order it and try it out, but it would be best to get feedback first.







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I'm buying a used 16 Edge and this is direction I'm going over anything on/over the vista roof.  Will be buying hitch from etrailer and installing myself - have done several on other vehicles and pretty easy to do, with another set of hands especially.  I don't care how it looks, it's a functional necessity a few times a year.

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