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An alternate was was found on the F-150 to disable Auto Start/Stop using ForScan without having to disable the BMS. Can't try it as my Edge doesn't have auto start/stop.

730-01-02 xxxx xxxx x*xx Start/Stop change * to: 0=disabled, 1=enabled


This is the Post from the F-150 forums.

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On 7/4/2020 at 8:48 AM, DaMiFo said:


That video is not true. You only disable the BMS if that's how you program the car...  If you don't know what you are doing, sure that's when undesirable things happen.  But as someone who understands how vehicle systems and communication works, plugging a random device into my car's network is the last thing I would ever do.  Having some random programmer send broadcast messages startup is how you confuse the car and have "odd" behaviors - properly disabling the stop/start features via FORScan or UCDS is not the 'wrong way'.

Do your research everyone, don't believe what one out-of-touch shop says.

The Auto Stop button is NOT a can bus device. I installed the Auto Stop Eliminator a while back and love it. I had an issue after they tried to reflash my trailer module for the running lights coming/staying on when the vehicle was off. So I contacted them and here is their answer. 


Hi Chris,

I'm sorry to hear about the issue with the Edge.
No, I'm confident our device is not related to these issues. The AE003 is a simple analog device, not a CAN device. 
When you press the auto start/stop button on your vehicle, it mechanically touches a signal wire with 12v to a ground wire. The signal wire goes from 12v to ground to tell the vehicle to toggle the auto start/stop. Our device just does the same thing. It takes the signal wire and momentarily connects it to ground to toggle the start/stop. If start/stop isn't toggling, then the device isn't actively doing anything. 
It sounds like the tech missed a step that is causing the U2100 code (Initial Configuration Not Complete). Anytime this code is present, the start/stop will be disabled. It's how these vehicles are programmed and has nothing to do with our device. This is why when the device was removed, nothing changed.
Travis Lambert
TRL Automotive
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