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Troubleshoot 2011 Edge TPMS

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My wife's truck recently started throwing an alarm for a TPMS fault. When I get the code it is a generic fault that could be just about anything to do with TPMS system. Doesn't state location of fault to be TPMS sensor, BCM or ECU, but could be any of the above from what I read. To me the most logical thing is the TPMS sensor itself and a battery being dead so I purchased a relearn tool to try to force them back online. I was able to get all four tires to relearn at some point and time but never all together and now the drivers front is completely unresponsive. I am assuming it is the sensor, but is there anything else I can do to confirm this prior to buying sensors and paying to have the old ones removed and new ones installed? In a thread just below this someone suggested the sensor batteries on a 2008 are likely dead since they are only designed for a 10 year life. Since I don't like throwing parts at things, I would like to confirm if these batteries did die prematurely, so any insight would be appreciated.

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