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Fans stop working intermitently and AC blows warm.

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08 Ford Edge. 

This has happened to me 3 times past 2 weeks. Driving in city traffic, notice AC blowing hot. Look at temp and it is overheating, pull over, fans not working. Let car cool down, temp gage in middle of gauge, start car and fans work. I had checked fuse, fuse was fine. Car back to normal. Driving highway traffic, noticed again, AC not cold, engine temp increasing. Turn heat on to lower engine temp, keep driving and at some point fans start back. Yesterday again. Common thing I noticed is that when this happens, ambient temp is high 90's. Yesterdays temp was 99º.


Since it is intermittent, can't check voltage to fans. Will carry a multimeter with me now to see when it stops if its getting voltage. Also when this happens, even if AC on max it does not turn fans on.


Any ideas?

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Trick question?  Replace the fans with Motorcraft parts NOT Dorman or other aftermarket brands they are crap.  Do a search for more details and procedures.

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