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2.7L Mass Air Flow Sensor location, clean it?

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Hi Folks,


Can someone point me to the location of the Ford Edge 2.7L Mass Air Flow Sensor(s)?  Ours is a 2016 Edge Sport, 35k miles.


I searched the forum, and am either searching incorrectly, or the information is not posted here.  My understanding is that it is okay to clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor, but we should not clean the Throttle Body on a turbocharged engine.  That is what I learned from the CRC videos.  I am not a mechanic.  I have been working on my cars for 40+ years.  I am an engineer.  🙂  But I am not a mechanic!!


Thanks - Doug

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It uses a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor instead of a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.


What's behind your thoughts that the MAF needs cleaning? - if it had one, it's best left alone seeing as the air that passes through it is clean/filtered.


The MAP can get fouled by the oil and crud from the PCV, which a catch can can help avoid.





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Thank you both!  I was just going to clean it as a matter of time passing and mileage.  I will leave it alone!  I appreciate the instructions, so at least I know which item the MAP sensor is under the cover. 



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