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'16 3.5L Downshift (or throttle, or acceleration) Issue?

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Just picked up a used 16 Titanium w 62k miles on the clock.  Really like the car overall.  I'm wondering if the following issues I'm experiencing has anything to do with previous owner's driving style and the trans shift learning process. Could a PCM reset or relearn help?


I drive a lot on more hilly, twisty, rural roads and I feel like the auto trans is very hesitant to downshift when I feel like it needs to.  I have to mash the accelerator a bit to force the issue.  I'm adjusting by running in Sport mode or using paddle shifter but still would like auto to be more responsive.


 It also seems to me the throttle tip-in off the start is slow.  I have to get on the pedal a bit to get her going.  I'd think the 3.5 would be quicker.


Any thoughts? Thanks.

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