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Homelink works on a secure Condo?

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In my present house I had no problem to get the Homelink on my Titanium 2016 Edge working the first time however I’m moving to a new condo soon and I was told by the condo admin my Homelink will not work with their garage doors and I have to buy an opener they sell for $80.00. This is a high rise luxury condo and I know to make extras keys for my front door I can’t go to any local store to make a copy but rather go to a licensed locksmith and show proper ID to get my extra keys. So they do have some extra security in this building


So the question is does the Ford Homelink works only on residential buildings or it is possible to program it for a condo?


Anyone has similar experience?

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it's that way by design and the reason it won't work for a condo is for security. whoever manages the building can delete your remote if they need to, e.g. you move out and shouldn't have access anymore. but if it's in your car, they can't.

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