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annoying vibration at idle

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2010 edge. edge runs great and always has. i take care of it and it has treated me very very well. ill admit i have driven my edge hard,at one point i did spray 100 shot of nitrous but only for a short while and then removed the system. i have had this annoying vibration at idle when in gear,to the point i felt like it was going to die at times while stopped at a light. i proceeded to go tghru the basics first..plugs/cleaned throttle body,i do have the ability to monitor computer function thru a couple software programs i have as well as data log with my sct device. i changed the bank one o2 sensor and none of these fixed the issue. i moved to mounts..the gen 1 and 1.5 have 3 mounts. transmission torque mount which is located under the vehicle you could say on the driver side..ive listed the picture of that mount below. it was completely seperated and i felt for sure this was it..i installed the new mount and it did not fix issue.although i could tell a noticable difference when selecting gears and how much movement i could feel in motor/trans. i then went to the motor mount located on the passenger side next to the coolant overflow tank. this mount was pretty worn but nothing extreme. after install nothing changed. very frustrated at this point. there is one more mount which is titled a "transmission mount" located under the battery box on driver side. i hadnt replaced this mount yet because i felt its purpose and location it couldnt be bad after 80,000 miles......well....i posted some pics of this mount below as well... needless to say,this mount was the main cause of the vibration. after installation the vibration is compoletely gone.so if you are dealing with a vibration issue at idle this is my experience. hope this helps a gen 1 or 1.5 owner in the future.. side note..the first 2 mounts were extremely easy to replace. this trans mount is in a tight spot and i highly recommend you get a 13mm box end ratcheting wrench. and have some patience. not hard just awkward and slow considering ford put enough locktight to hold the bolts solid forever. 





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I do have this problem and I suspect it started after I had the water pump replaced.  Probably jacked the engine for access to the timing cover.

I've been living with it.  Is this an easy access?  Did you change it from the top?  Remove the battery box and is it visible?

I might just do it myself if it doesn't hurt too much lol>

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It is def something you can do yourself if you have any basic mechanical skills. Just support the trans using a hack and wood block. While the mount was off I did manipulate the height to access the bolt in the back of mount. It is a tight place on that one bolt but it wasn’t difficult it was just time consuming. That particular mount took me 2.5 hrs and the other 2 mounts were simple took about 1 hr each. I highly recommend getting a 13mm box E.N.D. ratcheting wrench. 

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