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Wanted: At least two 20" chrome clad wheels in good condition. Two of mine are badly curbed on my 2013.



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We had the same wheels on our 2014. The most beautiful wheels I've ever seen. All 4 wheels were curbed before it was 2 years old. Wife and I decided to just buy new wheels after we pay it (the Edge) off. We paid our Edge off and bought 4 new wheels from Discount tire, new tires also because the factory tires were worn out.


If you notice, the chrome clad sticks out almost 2 inches from the tire. That's why they get curbed so easily. I even tried to buy the chrome clad and replace them myself. They are just glued on wheel covers on steel wheels. Replacements aren't sold :(



Here is a picture of the wheels we got. I think they were only around $150 each (not with the tires) 



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