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U0415 - Invalid Data Received from ABS Module

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Hey guys, I’m hoping someone can hook me up with a diagnostic procedure for this code. 


2015 Ford Edge Sport AWD


Cliffnotes/history: ABS, traction control, stability control, and park aid are all turned off/lights on dashboard. Car had one code for the right rear abs sensor and it got replaced. Now there is a code U0415 - Invalid Data Received from ABS control module. This car has had a front end collision before, not sure if relevant. 



I checked over the harness and saw no breaks or loose connections. Tone rings are all fine, no codes for any sensors specifically. 


Anyone have any experience with their ABS module going out/bad? I do not have a recall for the abs module, I checked. Also, if anyone can access the official ford diagnostic procedure that would help immensely. As would first hand experience!




picture of code for reference.



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Updating this, so in case anyone in the future has this problem, here's the solution: 



There was a break in the harness, where it ran underneath the back seat, inside the car.  It was broken to where you almost couldn't even tell until you shifted the harness and then bam. There it was, broken apart.  Reconnected the wires, shrink wrapped it, bam.  Everything is fixed.  Traction control, ABS, stability management, lane assist, everything is fine with absolutely no lights or issues.  If you get this code, check out every single inch of your harness going from the ABS sensors, all the way to your ABS pump, and etc.  Run a continuity check and it'll tell you everything you need to know.  Was a simple fix after all! 

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