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HIR2/9012 bulb disconnecting - how? please

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Hi folks:


This's probably a 6-grader question, ...but that's my mechanical level, if such lol


What's the proper, easier, best way to disconnect the HIR2/9012 bulb from the grey plastic socket without breaking the clips?  Please see picture attached.


I was trying to pry it with a small flat screwdriver but I ended up having to put it back in because I couldn't disconnect it from the socket for fear to break the clips.  I watched a MacT YT video but the part of the video where he actually got it loose is not clearly shown.


As a secondary, less important, just out of curiosity question: what's the blue retainer for, what does it do, does it have to be back on?


As usual, thank you all in advance for your clear instructions.


HIR2-9012 Bulb1a.jpg

HIR2-9012 Bulb2a.jpg

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Got it!  Holy cow!!


I think the driver's side bulb (the one I was tackling first) was somehow defective.  The notch sliding into the clips was a little too high not slowing the clips to come over high enough for the notch to slide out under the clips; I had to grease it out.  The passenger side was easier, maybe just because ...I learned how lol


Sorry for my question but thank you anyways.

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