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Hi Fellow Edger's


Would anyone have any experience of a 2017 European model (not that it should make a difference on this issue) hub bearing failures ???

Had car since new and has been great, not a single issue. Now at 45,000miles and a droning on a wheel.

Pretty sure this is a hub bearing fault as noise increases with road speed, not engine RPM.

I have checked the play in the wheel and nothing obvious, either in the 12-6 position or 3-9 position.

No vibration on steering wheel when driving and brakes work fine / no squealing.

So I have ordered a replacement hub and chosen a SKF unit for £110.
Ford wanted nearly £300 a unit to supply only.


Anyone any idea of the correct torque for this hub ?

Also for the rear incase the sound is travelling and it is a rear unit.

Many thanks if you can advise.

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