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2010 Edge coolant came out of air intake box.

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Yesterday my 2010 Edge shut off on me. A few min prior to shutting off the vehicle fumbled and I heard the fan turned on ( it was cold out so I found it strange) in about a min of me noticing that it heated up and I scrambled to park, once I let go of the throttle to park, it shuts off on its own. I started to look at the hoses but they looked fine and the leak looked like it was coming from the top/mid of the engine since I can see it in the bottom leaking but I can't see the source. I then removed the air intake box and saw coolant coming out of it.... At this point I almost passed out thinking the engine was done, but after cooling down I did a test turn on and it turns on, so I turned it off right away. Now, I'm thinking that a lower intake manifold gasket is what failed since it's right there.

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One possibility is the water pump has failed. There is a weap hole on the top, right (viewed from the drivers seat) of the engine. Should the inner water pump gasket fail (there's an inner and outer), the coolant is forced out through the weap hole so that it can be detected. 


  1. Check your oil. If it looks brownish and milkly, coolant is leaking into the oil sump and this will damage tbe bearings and journals. (Watered down, can't lubricate properly). Best to have the car towed to the dealer rather than subject the engine to more damage.

  2. If the oil is ok, and you can see coolant leaking from the weap hole, the first set of gaskets have failed. Top off and drive to dealer (no high speed maneauvers). 

   In either case the fix is to replace the water pump. (Quickly). Plan of costs running somewhere in the vicinity of $1600.

  Here's a video by MACTFORDEDGE describing where the weap hole is located.


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coolant in the airbox would be highly unusual. sure it is coolant?  on a naturally aspirated engine, pressure is directed INTO the engine, so it would take a severe event to come out that route.  If the lower intake gasket sprung a leak, it should still go into the combustion chamber, not the airbox, assuming no loose hoses/air tubes etc.


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