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Suspicious Squeak when car pushed and driven

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New member here. Just got my dream used car. A 2009 Ford Edge Limited AWD


We hear this squeal when rocking the car back and forth, getting in and out of the car, speedbumps and potholes, driving slow under 20mph, when foot is left off the brake in drive but not pushing the accelerator. We just got our shocks and struts done within the past month. Brakes and rotors on all four tires a few months back, alignment and mounting brackets done. I have watched videos of people spraying waterproof silicone lube on the ball joints but I cant actually see them just looking above the tire. 


Anyone ever have this issue? The noise is just super annoying but we have noticed that it comes and goes. Were in Ohio and its cold I just tried to rock the car side to side to see if i would hear it and it was completely quiet. Not sure just would like to fix it without a repair bill if possible.


Thanks All

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when did you first hear this sound? before or after (any specific) maintenance?

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