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Freezing point of water / antifreeze mixture?

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Hi folks:


A few years ago, WWWPerfA_ZN0W kindly posted a chart showing how the water boiling point increases as the percentage of coolant in water increases (see chart below, please).  I know folks down south are more interested in the effects of the high temperature, but some folks up north are also interested in the effect of the low temperature ;).


The amount of coolant/antifreeze in water is directly proportional to the water boiling point (the higher the amount of coolant in water, the higher the boiling point of the mixture), and also inversely proportional to the water freezing point (the higher the amount of antifreeze in water, the lower the freezing point of the mixture).


I wonder if somebody can give us a reference to a similar chart about Freezing point of water / antifreeze mixture.


Thanks in advance.



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