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2008 ticking sound

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Hi all,

i have a 2008 edge w/3.5L motor today driving into my long drive way i stopped at bottom where it was level and i heard this ticking actually it only ticked once .

then i proceeded up the driveway up hill with window down, when i was about 3/4 the way up i heard it start ticking so i stopped got out and popped the hood. honestly it sounded like it was coming from the motor itself so i hurried up to get into the garage and then it just ticked every 10 -15 seconds.... i turned car off had a look around the motor and then started it back up...nothing for a bit then the fan kicked on and it ticked again about every 10-15 seconds or so.  i backed back out of the garage and onto the slope of the driveway and then tick,tick,tick way more frequently. i turned motor off and it kept ticking for a little bit until the fans stopped spinning....i spun fans by hand to try to see if there was any slop in the bearings but they spun freely with no wobble..... i just dont know why the ticking?

was wandering if anyone has had same issue....or had any thoughts


thanks for your advice in advance

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