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AGM Battery recommendation

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Would anyone happen to have a recommendation for an AGM battery with excellent reserve capacity and CCA for a 2015 Edge SEL 3.5L?  I am having a hard time getting an AGM recommendation for this year and model.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I am new to posting so please forgive if my form is not correct.

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An Odyssey or Northstar are you best bets for the highest CCAs in any AGM Battery size.


Parts store branded batteries have less CCAs, but still a worthwhile upgrade if you have the smaller of the 2 oem batteries.


Motorcraft is a decent alternative, but reliability can be somewhat unpredictable. 


always check the production date and battery voltage/CCAs at time of purchase to ensure the best outcome.


Note that many battery group sizes are very similar, so don't be discouraged if you don't see the exact size the mfr specifies.


as a reference.

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Thank you very much for your assistance.  I am having a hard time determining group size for my car, but it is probably just my lack of expertise. 

I checked the 2015 forum for relevant posts, but did not post the same message I posted here.  I will do that.

Thanks again,


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