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Does anyone know what this sound is?

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I have a 2017 Edge SEL. 2.0L. After driving for 10-15 minutes you can hear this creaking/groaning sound in the background. You can hear it in the video at various points faintly in the background. Much louder in person. Only happens at low speeds like 0-10-15 mph. 

This is the link to the video (too big to upload on here): 


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Quite a variety of noises in the video.


If occurring at low speed only when turning from center steer to left or right, could be a worn upper strut mount where the bearing surface creates the sound.


Recently had our 2012 MKX (112,000 miles) at dealer for front strut replacement under extended warranty, hoping for new on both sides, but only one was faulty and covered. 


After replacement, no steering-action noise.


Good luck!

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