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Looking to buy 2013 edge limited

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Going to look at a super clean  2013 edge limited 46,000 miles with all the options, California model kodak  brown, private sale, read about all the info on the bad 2013 electrical problems, owner replaced the defective screen module, anything else i should check

I just found this out about the 2013 models so i am going to pass or can anyone change my mind 


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- Who did the maintenance? Per schedule?

- How old is the battery?

- How many miles on the tires?

- Look at front floor for evidience of water?

- Have a spare? Tire well clean?

- Extended warranty?

- BMAR open/close smoothly?

- Radio working ok? Sirus?

- Sync up to date?

- Map software up to date? 


Once the problems for 2013 are addressed, good car! Discuss your URL then offer 5% under private sale blue book and buy an extended warranty from your dealer.

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