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I have a 2014 Edge.  In the factory configuration for 2nd Generation Edge, 5th Gen Explorer and PIU; the owners guide states the interior lights (dome and map) come on with illuminated Entry and Illuminated Exit.  
Enabling Dark Car does disable that functionality.   It's pretty much the same as the first through fourth Generation Explorer with analog cluster illumination dial in the full down position all the time. This is in manual section labeled Panel dimmer Control in the owners guide going back to 1998. Though it may have existed in 1991-1997, it isn't documented.
Rolling the dimmer down to the lowest setting defeats the dome and interior lights from coming on with Door ajar.  In the intervening years, this has changed to a dome override on button as apposed to a Dial that at the apex in either direction will override the dome on and defeat the dome off.

I also enabled "Dark Car" in my Ford Edge so I don't have the dome light or interior lights come on when I open the door.  Though I could compare the As-built codes before and after, I have not.  So I don't know what changes are made with this setting in forscan. i do plan to make that comparison.
With Dark Car enabled, I can override by pressing the Dome override button and the interior lights come on and pressing a second time (defeats) turns the dome and map lights off.  Is there an as-built change that will, enable Dome defeat but in a way where the dome comes on with Door Ajar like factory, but pressing the button once, defeats the dome, like it does with the 2nd press with Dark Car enabled.?

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