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Shabbir Semari

Keyless Ignition for Ford Edge 2014 SE

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49 minutes ago, Shabbir Semari said:

Is Ford Edge 2014 SE equipped with Remote Ignition? The Keys have the 2X icon on it.


The SE doesn't come with Remote Start as standard, but it can be added. Also there would be a settings menu for it in the instrument panel display under vehicle settings. To use it and start the engine, press the lock button once then the 2X button twice.

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I'm gathering a bill of materials to add remote start to my 2014 sel.  I understand the process changed in the first generation after 2013.  I do not have a powered lift gate. I'm not trying to hijack your thread, but we can work together.


Link: Adding OEM Remote Start - Kits & Parts Explained (detailed) - 2011+

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Actually that was my next question. I checked the internet and there is not a clear information so as to what needs to be procured to have this option added to Ford Edge 2014 SE.


I have the Key with 2x on it.. and i still need to check the instrument panel for the option.


In this forum, it is explained with too much detail.. need it simplified that fits my model.. if you can help?

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It's odd that your key would have a 2x start button and not have remote start.

It could be that the key you have is all that was available to the dealer or the previous owner when a key copy was made.  


You can sign up for an account with the Ford site below and check if you had remote start from the factory with your Vin.




Also, how many keys do you have now and have you lost any?

You can check the number of programmed keys in the cluster (IPC).  Look for my key if it is an activated feature, it will tell you how many  total keys, admin keys there are and how many "mykey" keys.


Mykey is in the cluster settings, be sure not to "demote" your only key to a mykey.

If there are more keys than you have, it would be likely, it was the only keyblank available. It would also be a diy programming or an inexperienced

Lock Smith as a dealer would have erased other lost keys.


If remote start is as plug n play as we are lead to belive, you need the following done.


- Hood pin switch on the driver side.

- working key with a 2x button that you already have.

- a bar type antenna behind the quarter panel on the driver side.

- (lastly)  remote start enabled in your body control module.


You can check the body control info with a windows laptop, obd reader like obd MX and a free copy of forscan for windows.

This is in the bdy as built codes.   Check out the quarter panel first.

Link: 2011 Ford Edge 200 Series Remote Start DIY (BB5Z-19G364-C)  QUARTER PANEL Removal instructions. The remote start setup is over complicated 



Screenshot_20210426-055215_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

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How to configure MyKey? on the cluster only 3 options were there.. nothing about MyKey.. although it has been already set to limit my edge speed at 130 KMH


Also, i pressed the x2 button on the key a million times with the doors locked with the ignition on;but to my vain.. no reaction 😢


You've mentioned some parts. any specific model or part number? that would ease in getting the pricing from other shops rather than the dealer.. (they usually price sky high)


Appreciate your help :) 

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My key settings is really to see how many programmed keys there are.    I'll find a video of the menu for you.

I'm still hazy on the parts needed.  I updated another thread asking to confirm parts.


You should pull the driver rear quarter trim panel.  That will show you if you have the remote start antenna.


You can also check your Vin with a free account at etis.ford.com.



You can pull your as built config from the factory wit Motorcraftservice.com/asbuilt

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