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Backseat cigaret lighter replacement

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Hi All,



I would like to install permanent USB jack instead of the 12v Cigaret Lighter in the back seat of ford edge 2017.

something like https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000603995303.html


Any idea how do i remove the middle console in order to install it ?


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That’s way too easy.  Who can afford $8?

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I think that all that does is provide 12 volt power. I believe what the OP wants is a true USB connection (so he can connect to Sync). Can't do it with a power adapter. (Most cell phones come with a 12 volt power cord that does the same thing as this adapter).


To do what he needs, he must add an USB cable to the location (the Edge/MKX actually has 4 USB ports, but only 2 are wired) and add an USB connection point. 


Several years ago someone in the forum showed how he added a connector to add 2 more USB ports. Couldn't find it using search, but as I remember it, it was a simple connection using a new USB cable and connection point.



Found this. May or may not fit the bill for your needs, but a starting point.


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