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My Ford Edge was built in March 2011 and it's been 10 years and 2 months when the brake booster went out, whereas the brake booster warranty is for 10 years. Ford won't help. I called customer service.

Additionally, ever since picking up my Edge from Mark Thomas Ford dealership repair shop for having both catalytic converters and spark plugs replaced, my Edge makes a high pitch whining noise like a turbo would, when exceeding roughly 3k RPMs. Doesn't make the noise when revving it while in park. Some say it could be the main crank bearing, some say other bearings such as water pump or alternator or ac compressor. My thought was transmission. Who knows!?

Could "Large Leak Evap Emission" code related? Code P0455

135K miles.



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The brake booster warranty should be calculated from the original warranty start date, that is the date it was sold to the first customer, not from the build date.


For the EVAP leak, it might be a bad purge valve. As for the whining noise, if it only came after the dealer repairs, take it back to them.

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