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Dragon's Tail and an EDGE ST

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Well, I took my 2020 EDGE ST to the Dragon's Tail today. I have never been before, and I must say it was an interesting 11+ miles. I travelled from Kennesaw, GA to North Carolina, and then into Tennessee, for the return trip. 

Honestly, a shame that when I had my 2018 Mustang GT PP, I didn't take it on the Dragon's Tail run.


I will add, a shame some of the bikers kept riding in the centre of the lanes. All it would have taken would have been for me to not take a corner properly, and for a biker, coming in the opposite direction, to go flying because they were riding in the middle of the road. 

Besides that, it wasn't a bad trip. I do feel bloody exhausted though. 


PS: Waiting for photos to be posted on 129photos.com. 

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