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Buzzing/grinding sound 2019 FWD Titanium

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Brand new member here so if this has already been answered please reply with the link or direct me to the thread :-).


Purchased a 2019 Titanium Ecoboost FWD and noticed that (especially when the engine is cold) there's some type of mechanical grinding/buzzing sound coming from the engine/engine bay. It seems to match the RPM's when accelerating (but I don't observe any throttle response issues).  Sound gets considerably milder/quieter as the engine warms up.  Plenty of warranty left on the powertrain.  Took it to my dealership a few weeks ago and they had it for about 2 weeks but never even attempted to put it on the rack; they said that the sound wasn't loud enough to warrant cracking open the powertrain.  Audio recording attached.  1st time owing a turbocharged vehicle so I get that I may hear different sounds from a N/A engine but to me, this just does not sound, for lack of a better term, "mechanically harmonius".  Any thoughts/suggestions would GREATLY be appreciated!!



Youtube link of short driving clip:



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